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That Honky Tonk Highway - Maggie Shipley
Gypsy Lady - Mark Simpkin
Cha Cha Lengua - Niel Haile
Cowboy Don't - Ira Weisburd
Fly Like A Bird - Hedy McAdam
These Boots - Wayne Besley
Watermelon Moonshine - Ivonne Verhagen
A Story Told - Kate Sala
Shout - MVL
Blue Note - Jan Smith
Me Too - Terry Hogan
Corona Con Lima - Jennifer Hughes
The Card You Gamble - Gary O'Rielly
Jimmy Copacabana - Ira Weisburd
Cross My Heart - Karl-Harry Winson
Weekdays - Janet & Lisa
My Spicy Margarita - Josh Talbot

Irish Stew - Lois Lightfoot
Around The Fire - Kate Sala & C. Durano
Gin & Tonic -Kate Sala
Stealing The Best - Rosie Multari
Stampede - Lisa Harper
La Fiesta Cubana - Roy Verdonk
A Long Way Home - Gordon Elliott
Rock Around The Clock - Yuonne Grouse
Texas Hold 'Em - G.Bourolages
Just Close Your Eyes - Linda Pink
Mountain Of Love EZ - Wallace Benoit
Your Man - Noel Bradey

Stampede - Lisa Harper
Remember When - Unknown
Bringing It Back - Fred Whitehouse
I'll Be Thinking Of You - M.Risley & G.Lafferty
My Pretty Belinda - Vikki Morris
Revised - Southern Dreams - Maddie Glover
Neon Vegas Lights - Travis Taylor
Soul Shake - Fred Whitehouse

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