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   CHP = Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL  *   P = Pagewood  *  B = Burwood * S = Strathfield   

Who Did You Call Darlin' - M & K Smith
The Knock Off - K Moore
Glass Of Wine  - Marlene Jakobsen
Dim The Lights - M Glover & S Ward
Jambalaya - I St Leon

Honk If You Honky Tonk - G Elliott
First Step - I Itamstra
Magic Moments - Sue Coats
Lucky Lips -Garry Lafferty
Outta Salt - T Gauci
Love Struck - M Simpkin
Holding Out For A Hero - G Elliott
Frisky - R M Hickie
Baby Dream - V & T
Rock & Roll Kiss - R M Hickie
Desperado - G Elliott & MVL
Heavens Jukebox -W Brown & JM Belloque
Pot Of Gold - Liam Hrycan
Blue Jean Baby - J Lockton & S Holtland
Gives Me Shivers - B Zahorsky
The Outback - G Elliott
Wintergreen - Maggie Gallagher
When Will I Be Loved- Gary O'Reilly
Senorita Sway - Michele Perron
Down To One - K Formosa
Heart Like A Wheel - Max Perry
Glass Of Wine - Marlene Jakobsen
Revision for Ball
Waltz Across Texas- L & J Nielson
Cruisin' - Neil Hale
Blue Moves - Terry Hogan
Here You Cone Again - Josh Talbot
Stand By Me -R Sarlemijn & R Verdonk
Stand By Your Man - G Migrant
Sweet Gypsy Rose - L.A Lo
Give Me Your Tempo - N Gardiner
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